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    Hudson Valley Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a partnership between two instructors, Judith Kleber and Pamela Shad.  Both instructors have trained in MBSR with the staff of the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center where the course was developed.  They each maintain an active personal mindfulness/meditation practice and became MBSR instructors after experiencing how powerful the practice has been in their own lives.

    MBSR is not a quick fix. Like building a muscle or learning to play a musical instrument, developing mindfulness takes practice. Sometimes people who have tried meditation in the past tell us they feel discouraged because they have discovered how easily their mind wanders or how difficult it can be to remain in the moment, especially when inner turmoil interferes with their best efforts to concentrate. As longtime practitioners of mindfulness, we want to reassure you that everybody has the innate capacity to meditate and be mindful.  Everyone’s mind wanders, and although it does require practice, mindfulness is not dependent on an expertise before it can have a powerful impact on your life. All that is required is the desire and practice of turning toward your life.  By turning toward each moment as it arrives, you will be opening to the unfolding of your life.



How you stand here is important.
How you listen for the next things to happen.
How you breathe.”
~William Stafford